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MITM attack progression. Successful MITM execution has two distinct phases: interception and decryption. IP spoofing involves an attacker disguising himself as an application by altering packet headers in an IP address.
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MITM attacks come in different flavors

Journal Articles Conference Papers Books. Technologies Sectors. While most attacks go through wired networks or Wi-Fi, it is also possible to conduct MitM attacks with fake cellphone towers. Law enforcement agencies across the U. Stingray devices are also commercially available on the dark web. Though not as common as ransomware or phishing attacks, MitM attacks are an ever-present threat for organizations. If there are simpler ways to perform attacks, the adversary will often take the easy route. In the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF reported that over half of all internet traffic is now encrypted, with Google now reporting that over 90 percent of traffic in some countries is now encrypted.

Major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will also warn users if they are at risk from MitM attacks. The threat still exists, however.

How does a man-in-the-middle attack work?

For example, the Retefe banking Trojan will reroute traffic from banking domains through servers controlled by the attacker, decrypting and modifying the request before re-encrypting the data and sending it on to the bank. A recently discovered flaw in the TLS protocol — including the newest 1. Though flaws are sometimes discovered, encryption protocols such as TLS are the best way to help protect against MitM attacks.

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Man in the middle (MITM) attack

The latest version of TLS became the official standard in August For end-user education, encourage staff not to use open public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi offerings at public places where possible, as this is much easier to spoof than cell phone connections, and tell them to heed warnings from browsers that sites or connections may not be legitimate. Use VPNs to help ensure secure connections. Prevention is better than trying to remediate after an attack, especially an attack that is so hard to spot. If it becomes commercially viable, quantum cryptography could provide a robust protection against MitM attacks based on the theory that it is impossible to copy quantum data, and it cannot be observed without changing its state and therefore providing a strong indicator if traffic has been interfered with en route.

Analysts predict the number of internet-connected devices could proliferate into the tens of billions of devices over the next five years. Unfortunately, the lack of security in many devices means the growth in IoT could see a jump in MitM attacks. CSO has previously reported on the potential for MitM-style attacks to be executed on IoT devices and either send false information back to the organization or the wrong instructions to the devices themselves. A new survey by Ponemon Institute and OpenSky found that 61 percent of security practitioners in the U.

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Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. What is a cyber attack? Recent examples show disturbing trends. Why fake data is a serious IoT security concern.

These nefarious acts are called man-in-the-middle MITM attacks. This type of cybercrime is common, potent, and devastating. Here's what you need to know about MITM attacks, including how to defend yourself and your organization against them. The concept behind a man-in-the-middle attack is simple: Intercept traffic coming from one computer and send it to the original recipient without them knowing someone has read, and potentially altered, their traffic. MITM attacks give their perpetrator the ability to do things like insert their own cryptocurrency wallet to steal funds, redirect a browser to a malicious website, or passively steal information to be used in later cybercrimes.

Any time a third party intercepts internet traffic, it can be called a MITM attack, and without proper authentication it's incredibly easy for an attacker to do. Public Wi-Fi networks, for example, are a common source of MITM attacks because neither the router nor a connected computer verifies its identity.

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In the case of a public Wi-Fi attack, an attacker would need to be nearby and on the same network, or alternatively have placed a computer on the network capable of sniffing out traffic. Not all MITM attacks require an attacker to have physical proximity to their victim, though—plenty of strains of malware exist that can hijack traffic and inject malicious information wherever an infection spreads. Authentication methods have become stronger, leading to end-to-end encryption of some systems.

Two-factor authentication methods are one example of enhanced security against MITM attacks. Passwords are increasingly unreliable as a way to secure accounts and systems, and by adding a second factor like a hardware key, a software code, or other factor input separately, it becomes harder for attackers to intercept traffic or break encryption.

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That doesn't mean encryption cracking doesn't happen—hackers often manage to fake certificates and pose as banking websites, login portals, and other sites, which they use to steal information. MITM attacks are the perfect example of the cybersecurity arms race: As soon as a new form of encryption is broken, organizations come up with a new one, which is in turn broken, repeating the cycle.

There have been a number of well-known MITM attacks since the advent of the internet, but to paint a picture of just how widespread and powerful MITM attacks are it's important to look back in history to one of the most powerful, which happened well before the invention of the computer: The Babington Plot. In , supporters of the imprisoned Mary, Queen of Scots, wrote her a letter asking her to support an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth I.

Mary's reply was intercepted by Elizabeth's agents, who altered the letter to ask for the identities of the conspirators. The conspirators' reply, complete with a list of names, was again intercepted by the men in the middle, leading to the execution of Mary and her co-conspirators.